Perennial Plants

Perennials are valued for their longevity. They beautify the place where they grow season after season, for years. They are distinguished by their masses of flowers, their magnificent foliage which brings color, volume and personality.

Why Perrnenials

Perennials Are a Good Investment

Most perennials have the particularity of multiplying. So we can divide and replant them elsewhere, which means you have more plants to use for free in your garden, or to share or exchange with your friends and neighbors.

Perennials Create a Constantly Evolving Tapestry of Colors

Most annuals flower continuously throughout the growing season, and most perennials have shorter and better defined flowering seasons. This means that with a little planning, you can plant different varieties (early, mid-summer, late, etc.) of perennials to give your garden a different look depending on the season. For example, you can focus on soft colors such as pink and blue in spring, then switch to yellow and red in summer, and finally orange and purple in autumn.

New Introduction

We are starting the growing season with hundreds of varieties and continue to introduce more and more as summer and fall approaches.

Create Your Own Style

Our perennial plant staff have years of experience. We would like to put all this experience and know-how at your disposal to help you choose the most suitable perennials for your garden.