Azilda Greenhouses specializes in helping home and business owners with their planting and plant care needs.

We have all the supplies and services to assist in landscaping a new yard, beautifying an existing property, starting a vegetable garden or creating privacy as well as a nice assortment of pots and indoor plants.

The Garden Centre has a superb selection of plant material – specialty annuals for planters and flower beds, healthy vegetable seedlings, hardy perennials, decorative landscape shrubs and even large evergreen and deciduous trees.


A limited selection of our products is available for ordering online and curbside pickup. The items available will vary dependent on Seasonal Production, Stocking and Sales!

Your BEST shopping experience will always be to shop IN the garden centre when possible to do so. Be assured Azilda Greenhouses will be following COVID-19 prevention protocols


Our Garden Center Staff keep up with New Plant Releases and trends – all to stock our shelves with the best possible choices for you!
In addition to our stock items Large Custom Planters can be preordered.


Connie is our Perennial Department Manager. She loves to design beautiful gardens! The department is well stocked with spring, summer and fall bloomers, ground covers and grasses.
Note: May to September new perennials arrive weekly


JC joins us in the Nursery in 2021 – in one word he will tell you our Nursery is all about Selection!
We carry a great variety of Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Fruit Trees, Small Fruit/Berries and Vines.
Special orders are possible.


We INSTALL everything we carry – Large caliper trees, hedges, perennial gardens, annual flower beds and custom planters.
DESIGN SERVICES are contracted out to gardensbynathan.ca


From Seed to Soil! We stock vegetable seeds, grass and clover seeds, fertilizers for flowers, vegetables, trees and lawns, potting soils, manures, and mulches.
In disease and weed control we have a range of ORGANIC and Chemical products to keep your plants healthy.


Our Pond Enthusiast Beckie is eager to help you have success with your projects.
She rigorously researches and tests products to ensure they perform well in Sudbury!
Water plants arrive early May and sell quickly. There is a good supply of Floaters but limited selection of Hardy and Tropical Marginals.

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