Create the Perfect Flower Box

This summer, make the exterior of your home beautiful by planting planters or flower boxes near your windows.

If you have used your planter in the past season, now is the time to empty it. Get rid of all the soil (you don’t have to throw it away – throw it in the garden or in a flower bed) to start over. It is important to use fresh soil every season for optimal flower growth.

Use a soil specially designed for flower boxes and flower boxes.
Fill your planter 1″-2″ from the top edge of the potting mix.
Smooth the potting mixture by gently pressing to remove air pockets.
Place your plants in the box (still in their pots) in the order you find most attractive. Don’t be afraid to move them, to group them, to distribute them….which seems balanced and attractive to you. It’s part of the fun! The highest at the back, the falling forward. Once satisfied, plant them.

Water all plants carefully, ensuring that each plant has access to water. This detail is essential to the development of planters.
Add additional soil if necessary. When dry, the soil should be about 1/2″ from the top of the box. When you water it, it will compact a little.
Fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer that focuses on root growth and flowering.
Water regularly, every two or three days.
A good rule of thumb for adequate watering in a planter is to water until you see water dripping through the holes in the bottom of the container. This will tell you that the soil is saturated with water.