Climbing Vines

Vines and climbers act as guardians in a garden. They will cover everything ugly, soften any hard surface and become a backdrop for other plants in the foreground.

Vines are interesting additions to home gardens, where they add color and dimension to walls, fences and other structures. These plants climb, creep and sprawl, often spreading out horizontally as well as mounting vertically.

Depending on species, vines use different methods to climbing and target supports accordingly.

Most of them are growing fast and with the help of a trellis, arbor or pergola, the vines can be formed to cover almost any surface. Their long stems attach to walls, rocks and vertical supports to push towards the sunlight.

Which vine is right for your garden?

In our climates, Wisterias will become wild (to be controlled by frequent sizes).

Parthenocissus will create a flat green background (trim them to avoid that they grow too high).


If you have room for a vigorous 10 or 20 foot clematis vine, there are many wonderful cultivars that will meet your expectations. There are also more compact varieties that are perfect in a small garden or even in a pot on the patio.

The standard shape of clematis is a large flower with six or seven petals, measuring 5-6″ in diameter. There are also cultivars with smaller flowers, double flowers and pretty bell-shaped flowers. The colors range from white to wine red, from lavender to dark purple, and there are even some yellows.

We have a wide selection of other climbing vines, come and see us, we will help you choose the one that will suit you best and that will be adapted to your space and lighting conditions.