Evergreen shrubs remain green all year round,

but differ from conifers in their foliage.

They can add color all season long thanks to the flowers and leaves.

Azaleas and rhododendrons

produce spectacular

flowers in spring.

Holly and cotoneaster have striking red berries

that begin in the fall

and remain throughout the winter.


Widely used in formal and more casual garden, boxwood (Buxus spp.) is one of the most popular shrubs in landscaping. With rich green foliage all year round, ability to grow in the sun and partial shade and high pruning tolerance, they are more versatile than many other shrubs. In winter, boxwood provides the structure, while in summer it serves as a dark background for perennial plants to flower.

Like conifers, broadleaf conifers also like more acidic soils.

Our broadleaf evergreen shrubs are available in a wide variety of varieties that offer gorgeous foliage and flowers.

These plants give you the opportunity to bring color and fragrance to your garden season after season, providing an endless source of beauty.


Euonymus is known for its foliage, which can be green, golden or variegated with white or golden. They can be pruned to keep their shape, used as low hedges or climbed on a rough surface to serve as vines.


Yuccas have sword-shaped foliage with tall
bell-shaped flower ears in summer.

The foliage can be green,
blue or variegated.